MODEL (Multi-criteria OrDinal EvaLuation)

Authors: Alexandru-Liviu Olteanu, Patrick Meyer and Laurent Louvart.


This plug-in provides an easy to use interface to model and solve decision problems which aim at evaluating geographical areas through an ordinal evaluation scale taking into account multiple criteria and multiple actors.

It has been developed in the context of the AMSIG project involving Télécom Bretagne and the Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine (SHOM).

Copyright Institut Télécom-Télécom Bretagne and SHOM, 2014. Distributed under the CeCILL licence.


The plugin is distributed as is, without guarantee of being bug free. Several issues related to the accuracy of the geometric operations (missing areas) are known. Development is currently on hold until a new project will continue where the AMSIG project left off.

Download: here

Documentation: here